Hailuoto Middle Village is located 20 min driving distance from ferry station. From Middle village is 10 min driving to Marjaniemi. In Middle village you can find the municipality services like municipal hall, fire station, health care centre, primary school from 1 to 9 grades and public library. Also, sports field and hockey rink are located near school. The only gas station in Hailuoto is in Middle village. Hailuoto SEO, Luovontie 224.

There is a open and free of charge frisbee golf course with 12 fairways in the forest near the church, Luovontie 52.

Grocery stores:

There are two grocery stores in Hailuoto and they are in Middle Village:

  1. K-market Hailuoto, Luovontie 150, https://www.k-ruoka.fi/kauppa/k-market-hailuoto
  2. Sale Hailuoto, Luovontie 136

Restaurants and cafés

In Middle Village:

Café Loma is open all year round. Please check opening hours before visit.

In Restaurant Iltalento you can dance and sing karaoke. They also organize customized events and private parties. Restaurant is open Fridays and Saturdays from 10 pm to 4 am. Pizza and barbecue food are available. Other times place an order.

Summer café and handicraft shop with two little galleries with changing exhibitions.

Pub and beer shop. Summertime opening hours are extended, for groups place on order. Beer tasting and Brewery visits. Please check opening hours before visit.

Near Middle Village:

  • Dancing Bobcat Bar, Kittiläntie 89, https://dancingbobcatbar. fi/

The bar is a dance-, karaoke- and event restaurant also organizing private parties. In Bar you can find a collection of instruments for jam sessions. Check opening hours from Facebook or call the owner.

In Ojakylä:

Mille´s place food truck is open in summertime. Local fish and Thai food. Please check opening hours before visit.

Places to visit in Middle Village and nearby:

The museum presents a wide range of everyday life, livelihoods, and craftsmanship in Hailuoto in the past.

The church has been built in 1972. Before the new church in Hailuoto was Finland’s oldest wooden church built in 1620. For groups place on order.

  • Hailuoto cemetery, Luovontie 61 A

Hailuoto forest cemetery is located next to the church and in cemetery you can find the old church stone foundation.

  • Kirkkosalmi birdwatchers tower, Viinikantie 143, there is a guide sign to the tower from Luovontie

Accessible birdwatchers tower. Nearby you can find a campfire place, you need to bring your own firewood.

Organum is a concrete installation of spatial art. The sculpture consists of three domes of different sizes attached to each other. Each dome has its own resonance, corresponding to a note, and acts as a natural sound amplifier. Designer of the sculpture is Lucas Kühne, famous acoustic artist. http://www.lukaskuehne.com/

Guided tour to Hailuoto Middle Village

If you want to have a guided trip to Hailuoto, check here:

Hailuoto local guides arranges guided walking tours in Marjaniemi:

Contact info: hailuodonpaikallisoppaat@gmail.com / +358 40 556 2572