Hailuoto Marjaniemi is located on Hailuoto Island in Northern Ostrobothnia in Finland. This historical village is know of magnificent sea view and of course of it´s old lighthouse, which is called the Pearl of Bothnian Bay. The old protected buildings of the area open a perspective to historical sail ship period in 1700´s and 1800´s.


Before modern navigation systems lighthouses and pilot stations were crucial for instructing seafarers on sea areas. Pilots embarked ships form Hailuoto Marjaniemi since the end of eighteenth century and they still do. Piloting has an important role for safety of seafaring still today. In Marjaniemi you can see the old buildings which were used by the pilots and with the guide you can also here the stories of them.


The lighthouse of Marjaniemi was designed by Axel Hampus Dahlström and it was built in 1871. The light was lit next year 1872 and since then it has been helping seafarers to navigate on Bothnian Bay. The lighthouse is 25 m high and it is one of the highest places in Hailuoto. If you climb the 110 steps up you can enjoy the magnificent view and look far to horizon. In your imagination you can see the pilots helping ships to navigate safely.

Hailuoto Marjaniemi lighthouse

The lighthouse of Marjaniemi

The lighthouse is open in summer time, opening hours and admission fees you can find here:
Because the building is protected you can only visit it with guide.

Fisher village

On Marjaniemi there is also a Fisher village, which has been there since 1850´s. The fisherman came to live in these cottages next to port, when they went fishing f. ex. Baltic herring, whitefish or sea salmon. Today the cottages are private summer houses.

The beach

When there is hot weather the long beach of Marjaniemi gives you a great opportunity to enjoy beach life. The shore is shallow and there is no sudden deep water so children can swim safely. On the beach area there is also a accessible path with signs were you can get acquainted of the natur of  Marjaniemi independently.


If you need refreshments, there are four restaurants and one café in Marjaniemi:

  1. Hailuodon halstari, where you can eat delicious fish soup and buy local fish products.
  2. Restaurant Frans á la carte in old pilot station.
  3. Restaurant Aava in Luotsihotel.
  4. Café Kaija in guest marina
  5. Summer café Helmi in fisher village

More information of the restaurants here:

Guided tour to Hailuoto and Marjaniemi

If you want have an easy minivan trip to Hailuoto without ferry queues, check here:

Hailuoto local guides organizes guided walking tours in Marjaniemi. You can contact them here:
hailuodonpaikallisoppaat@gmail.com / 040 556 2572.