Winter swimming is addictive. When you try it, you easily get hooked! Best time to start winter swimming is in summer. When you get used to swimming outdoors, it is easy to continue swimming in autumn and thereafter in winter.
If you start swimming straight in winter, please remember warm up properly. That helps you to have a more pleasant experience and prevents you feeling cold afterwards.
First, when you start winter swimming, you can just dip in briefly. If you start swimming regularly, you can extend the time in water little by little. Listen to your feelings!

If you want to swim from sauna, you better cool yourself little bit before going to the cold water. Both with sauna and winter swimming, is important to drink enough, water, juice or tea are good for hydration.

If you have any heart conditions you can not winter swim! If you are not sure, please consult your doctor.
Independently you can winter swim in Tuiran uimaranta. You must buy a key to dressing rooms from Raatin uimahalli:
Guided winter swimming/ice swimming with a gentle tar sauna experience, you can find here:
If you want to have both sauna and winter swimming from same place, check here:

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