Have you ever driven on ice road? Hailuoto ice road is a safe, but also exiting experience!

Ice road to Hailuoto is usually opened in January- February when the ice is thick enough. There must be at least 40 cm steel ice throughout the road. Touhu-Palvelut Oy https://www.facebook.com/Touhu-Palvelut-Oy-146080108779493/ takes care of the ice road. You can also upload to your cellphone a free app called Hailuoto where you can check if the ice road is open. The ice road is around 10 km long and Touhu-Palvelut drills over 80 holes in ice to ensure the thickness of the ice. The state of the ice road is constantly watched, so it´s always safe to drive on it. Before you drive to the ice road there is an instruction sing on the shore. You must keep 50 m safety distance to the next car.

The ice road

The most popular place to visit in Hailuoto is Marjaniemi, where you can find the Pearl of Bothnia Bay: the Marjaniemi light house. In winter time you can´t go in to the light house, but you can admire it from outside. In sunny Spring days you can find lots of people walking on the ice next to Marjaniemi. There is a place where you enjoy your packed lunch on an open fire. If you want to eat in restaurant please check the opening hours here: https://www.hailuoto.fi/en/tourism/services/restaurants-and-cafes/


Also, a nice place to visit in the middle village of the island is Hailuodon Panimo, a brewery with a pub, opening hours: https://hailuodonpanimo.fi/


Please be acquainted our trip to Hailuoto: https://tonttutarmonpaja.fi/tuote/minivan-trip-to-hailuoto/?lang=en

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In wintertime we drive through the ice road. We can also plan a trip regarding your wishes.